Metal Roofing

We offer several standing seam profiles which we produce on our rollformer. All panels can be produced at our facility or ran at the job-site. We also offer labor only on panels as well as trim. We also offer several other panels from R-Panel, wall panels, soffit, and many more.

Standing Seam Profiles

FF100 1″ Snap Lock (Nail Strip)

FF150    1.5" Snap Lock (Nail Strip)

ML150    1.5" Mechanical Lock (Requires clips & seamer)

ML200    2" Mechanical Lock (Requires clips & seamer)

LT100    1" Snap Lock (Requires clip)

LT150    1.5" Snap Lock (Requires clip)

LT175    1.75" Snap Lock (Requires clip)

Exposed Fastener Profiles


5V Crimp Panel