Slate Roofing

Roofing slates

Vermont Slate Company manufactures and distributes the highest quality slates available. Boulders are cut into blocks, then visually inspected at each stage of production: splitting, trimming, and drilling.

When compared to all other roofing materials, natural slate’s life cycle cost makes it the least expensive product on the market. The lifespan of natural slate has been proven by the real test of time. A lesser roof will need to be replaced three, four, or more times during the lifetime of a single application of slate.

We employ the highest standards to deliver the highest quality slate in the industry, all all our roofing products meet or exceed ASTM C-406 S1 Standards. We have provided slate for homes and commercial properties in all 50 U.S. states and abroad with 100% customer satisfaction. The difference between good stone and bad stone is the single most important factor when choosing slate. We have been in business long enough to know the difference

Discover our wide range of natural slate, trusted by thousands of architects and installers from all over the world. Vermont Slate Company has several distinct slate roofing blends that marry color and elegance to enhance any structure. Though the choices are limitless, below are a few of our most popular products: