Vermontslate Cladding

Vermontslate Cladding

100% Real Slate Cladding is a beautiful, durable and sustainable material.

Vermont Slate Company’s cladding material is an elegant compliment to a wide range of building materials like brick, wood, stone, metal, and stucco. Whether used as an accent or the primary cladding, slate takes every facade to the next level of style, integrity, sustainability, and durability.

100% natural, real slate brings the perfect mix of beauty and durability to contemporary architecture. Real slate cladding is both timeless and forward looking. Whether your design intent is historic flair, cutting edge design, or both at the same time… you can express it with slate!


Real Slate

Our real slate cladding is classified as Unfading. It maintains consistent color and performance for decades. Exposure to the elements can fade, or draw out a chalky calcium from slate. “Fading” slate loses color and weakens over time. Our Unfading slate is low in calcium and maintains color and strength.

We offer slate selected from the least weathering colors available in the entire world.

The Premiere Cladding Material

 100 year slate warranty
 Zero Maintenance
 Easy to install

Standard Colors

Sea Island Green

Sea Island Green presents a consistent range of “sea foam” green with some natural variation from light to dark.
Like most natural slate, Sea Island Green can appear to change color with the quality of light. It is unfading and weathers very little over time.

Rocky Gray Blend

Rocky Gray Blend is unique in color and texture. Its smooth to heavy texture exhibits a natural blend of tones from gray to black. Some light may bring out a slight green hue. Add contrast and character to your facade with this subtle yet distinctive blend.

Vermont Gray/Green

This subtle green slate is marked with the presence of gray. Officially named “Vermont Unfading Gray/Green,” it weathers very little and keeps color consistency for decades. It is a beautiful color for an entire facade or when used as an accent in a blend.

Custom Colors

Charcoal Black

Mottled Purple

Unfading Grey

Grassy Green

New York Red

Installation Systems

Direct Appy

Slate – Screws – HDPE Water Proofing

  • The most common residential method
  • Fastest, easiest, most cost effective

Slate – Screws – Battens

  • For use on masonry, concrete, and non-structural sheathing materials
  • Custom designed systems allow installation on any structure
Full Rainscreen

Slate – Screws – Battens – Brackets – Verticals

  • Designed for continuous exterior insulation
  • Creates an air gap for thermal venting
  • The ultimate system for adding energy efficiency

Standard Features

• Pre-Drilled Holes
• Uniform Slate Sizes
• Unfading Color Quality
• Non-Combustible
• No Thermal Expansion
• No Thermal Contraction
• Wind Resistant
• Never needs painting
• Never needs treating


Running Bond
  • Traditional Masonry and Stone Pattern
  • 5 lbs/ Square Foot
Multi Format
  • Easily Customizable
  • Random Appearance
  • 6.2 lbs/ Square Foot